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    Well, the forum is new and empty so I guess it would be a good idea to copy/paste my presentation from the website.

    About me
    When I started this project about a decade ago my ambition was to learn how to create something quick and easy with a bunch of basic tools.

    As time passed by however and as I put more and more of my personal time on this test-game, I realized I wanted to tell a story with elaborated characters, use the wide range of emotions we can experience when playing a game - and this includes so much more than just killing monsters or destroying things! I knew this project needed proper technical foundations and a real graphical identity to be up to this challenge.

    So I made myself learn each aspect of narrative technique, the art of game-design and gain relevant skills in graphic design. Today my work is very much transversal, from level-designing to programming the events, I wear many hats as it is supposed to be when you create an indie game.

    Find me there
    Facebook Twitter

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    Bienvenue sensei ! Bon, tu me diras, c'est idiot de souhaiter la bienvenue à quelqu'un qui est chez soi mdr, mais c'est sympa quand même puis c'est un moment spécial.


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      Welcome back ~boss !


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        Welcome Kayser, it's a pleasure to welcome you here !
        Take a sit, and please, make yourself at home


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          Glad to see you here too, even if I check some good stuff on FB. More on that later, sorry for being late here, got many comments to answer since greenlight.


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            That's ok ! Btw, I'm coming to London for one week in July with my family, maybe we could hang out at some point ?


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              Yep, I think I'm here in July! Let's drink beer and ruin all your workout!!
              (reminds me I still have a video from geeknfit I saved on my desktop and I procrastinate as usual... or let's say I'm too busy right now, yeah ^^ had to comment about it on your topic but hey... Same excuse lol!)


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                Ahah ! But I'm really glad that you liked it enough to save it ! I'm trying my best to improve the video quality over time (and to be consistent with it, not really easy when you have plenty to do... But I don't have to explain that to you ).
                It's good news to see you are busy, it means that things are going great. Even though I didn't comment on the JVC article post on facebook, you can be sure I'll be one of the first to buy the game when it'll go out !