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  • The dev log is live!

    Hi everyone,

    A quick post ahead of a big annoucement to let you know that the dev blog is live now on tumblr:
    We will post random dev logs on the game.

    Comments and feedbacks wanted!

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    Yesssssssssssssssss sss ss s


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      This will be quite useful to go more "in depth" than on Twitter or Fb, and it's still possible to copy-paste these logs here too.


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        Now that's a good news .
        Can't wait to hear more about this special announcement :
        -> Release date ? A date for the Kickstarter campaign ? A playable demo perhaps ?
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          Well the release date (at least approx) is already available (Q4 2018) even if the outcome of the KS will have an effect on it, and about the KS date it's likely to happen in mid February.

          About the good news... You remember when I said I would submit the project to Square Enix?


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            Square Enix Collective !!! Don't tell us more at the moment.
            We will wait for the real news .


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              I realize I didn't put the link here for the SQUARE ENIX Collective campaign:


              Now it's done It's getting good, especially since yesterday with the coverage from PCGamesN:


              A lot of gamers voted and left comments (and more are still coming) but more importantly, we got a lot of subscriptions to the newsletter: